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WebMaster FunReaity Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:50 am

1. Make sure before posting that you r posting in right area otherwise your message will be deleted

2. Try not to make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people.

3. Respect other you are not allowed post others phone number ,picture or others address in threads.

4. This is a family oriented forum so use decent language, This should always be kept in mind while selecting words and gestures to express yourself.

5. Any useless thread or post will be deleted so try to stick to topics.

6. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content. Flooding is waste of space and time so please reply with conservative remarks.

7. Make sure the topic you will post is not repeated

8. Do not raise old topics, that exceeds one month after its last reply Any member raises old topics his/her replies will be automatically deleted

9.Respect the Mods: The moderators are here to keep the forums safe Please do not harass or intentionally annoy the mods. if any complain against moderator send a PM To admin

10. If there is any note about the forum's ForumXpot do not hesitate to report the administration

11. If you are found breaking any of rules your account will be deleted without any warning ....

12. All signatures should not exceed the following size limits 350 pixels wide, 200 pixels other wise signature will be deleted.

13. If members have any complains against any member PM Admin / Mod or Complain in Feedback & Suggestions Thread.

14. Personal attack on any member is not allowed. Directly / Indirectly.

15. Those Members thinks forum threads are old and nothing new over here... Then post some new stuff yourself.. Don't make fun of any 1.

16. Members should co-operate with administration.

17. Person who votes should post his name within 48 hours. Otherwise his/her vote will b canceled. (This rule applies in every polling.. )

18. Don't use forum's user name in any Voting Poll.

19. Don't use Admin / Moderators name in any Voting Poll.

20. Discuss About Polling options is allowed in thread. Otherwise Post willl be deleted.

21. Thread more than 45 days with no reply will Closed Automatically.

22. General Discussion will be use only for Discussion. Don't Discuss off topic ( Adult Content not allowed).

23. Picture & Video Gallery. Porn stuff is not allowed. Otherwise member will be ban without warning.

24. Try to create synergy among each other as you do in your family relationship to feel like living in a family on this forum.

We hope every member of ForumXpot will read this rules & will remember them while posting.

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